The Three Olive Trees


Rural House in Campillo de Ranas, one of the villages that form part of the Arquitectura Negra (a type of architecture in which slate is widely used) zone in Guadalajara. Located about an hour and forty minutes from Madrid-Barajas Airport (111 km., or 74 miles) and just shy of two hours from Madrid's city centre (120 km., or 74 miles) both travelling by car.

Casa los Tres Olivos (The Three Olive Trees), which is the name of the house, was recently built using several elements of what once was a sheepfold, with 1 metre (39 inches) breadth exterior walls completely coated in slate, and with the original crossbeams used as lintels for the windows.

The house has two storeys. The main floor comprises a dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and a living room with a masonry fireplace, while the first storey is devoted to the night area, formed by a bathroom, two single bedrooms, and a master bedroom.

It is worth noting the views from the open first storey landing, showcasing the impressive 5 metres tall (16.4 feet) flue coming from the fireplace in the living room.

Speaking about the house interiors, we've sought to create a rural and cosy feeling in consistence with the surroundings, with wooden sloping ceilings and large exposed beams, while other noble materials, such as iron and ceramic, complete the ambiance as the icing on this architectural cake.

Moving to the exteriors, the house has an adjoining courtyard with a brick barbecue, a large table and the three olive trees, on which the house's name is based upon.